• It says sold out on your website, are you currently taking orders?
  • What is your exchanges & returns policy?


  • If I normally a half size, then what size should I select?
  • Where do you make your shoes?
  • How do you choose your manufacturers and suppliers?
  • How do you manage your supply chain?
  • Is there an issue around using leather given your mission to protect the environment?
  • How do you ensure your tanning is eco-friendly?
  • How do I care for my shoes?


  • How much money do you actually give to protect the 1,000 square feet?
  • How do you select the habitats that you protect?
  • Why are you focusing on habitat protection rather than protecting specific endangered species?
  • Why have you chosen to work with the World Land Trust?
  • So, when I buy a pair of your shoes does that mean I also own 1,000 square feet of land?
  • Where are you protecting habitats at the moment?
  • Are you able to track where the money goes?
  • What’s the long-term goal?
  • Is Two Degrees a non-profit organisation?


  • Do you have any roles coming up at Two Degrees?
  • Do you have a brand ambassador programme?
  • How can I support Two Degrees?
  • Why are you called Two Degrees?
  • Why deck shoes?